Working with Debz

Deb'z consults people on personal and professional issues

Debz consults people on professional and personal issues either in person, by telephone or via video.

Investment: We provide personalized packages for each and every customer. This allows us to accommodate their individualized needs and maximize their success. Alternately, there are weekly and fortnightly mentoring sessions available at your convenience. E-mail Debz to enquire about a package priced to suit you.

Give yourself the opportunity to stand tall, put your shoulders back hold your head high, and most of all, exert confident in your accomplishments. Schedule a time to connect with Debz by E-mail:


With Debz, you'll gain a unique perspective and edge to take advantage of leverage opportunities at every level.

The tools that Debz offers will enable you to open your mind and discover your full potential.

Influencing, impacting, and engaging the world around you will be exponentially increased.


No matter what obstacles you face, Debz will help you overcome them so that you can reach the results that you deserve.

When you solve emotional issues, you will feel more enthusiastic about life, which in turn boosts physical vitality, success feelings, and emotional quality.

You will find fulfilment in all areas of your life as a result.


Debz has studied Human Behaviour most of her life but has mainly been focused on sharing her knowledge over the last 20+ years.

No matter if the presentation is a keynote, workshop or program, the people she connects with will walk away with awareness into their behaviour and a powerful sense of empowerment.

Deborah Cooper has dedicated her life to helping people and businesses unlock thier full potential.

By teaching you to identity and break down the barries that keep you from moving forward, Deborah will help you reach new levels of inspiration, creativity, and performance in pursuit of your goals.

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