Centre for Hope - Newcastle, Australia

Deborah has worked closely with Geraldine Moran, the Founder of Centre for Hope since 2012. She has worked with the Board, Staff and Young People to unlock their full potential.  

Centre For Hope is all about empowering disadvantaged young people to respect themselves, to connect to the wider community and to create an inspired life.  

Centre For Hope works with youth aged 6 to 18 years who are suffering adversity through causes such as financial hardship, mental disorders, physical and learning disabilities, mental, physical and sexual abuse, substance abuse and suicidal tendencies and who, because of their circumstances, suffer a significant degree of helplessness.  

They work with both Indigenous and non-Indigenous students to assist them to find their place in their world.

Centre For Hope Operating Values:

Respect for all of humanity

Connection to others

Creating Opportunities


Before the 2 days I had uncertainty and lack of conviction in my decisions/judgements when conversing with others, particuarly in a professional setting. I learnt that the person with the most certainty wins any conversations and that I would often be submissive to others and not stand up for what I felt, or faltered in my decisiveness it gets me in trouble when I don't listen to and follow through on my intuition. I have been reminded that my intuitive feeling is generally pretty good and I am to trust myself, follow through, back myself and I'll create much more success not only in my dealings with others but in my career ventures as well. A renewed sense of being. Thank you!


Fear of my resistances would limit my participation. Embrace those resistances as changeable self limiting behaviors.


As an open group of discussion I've left today knowing what work I need to do on myself to make every day changes. Doing the workshop exercises helped to explain the format. Normally I'd be one to take the work book home and not complete the exercise but I'm actually looking forward to completing the task to see what my own traits can actually show me my strengths and weaknesses.


I did not have any idea on which the program was about. While being here I was very impressed on what we were learning and by the end, I learnt more that I thought I did during it. I got to find my selfworth and find out what is important to me. I have learned a lot that I can use within my personal life and work life to help me organise my priorities and find positives.


Seeing more in the process of what can be managed better. Seeing the active insights. I got more empowerment. Took my decisions seriously and made it about one decision at a time. I will use this as an example to tackle future decisions. Entertaining & informative.


I was expecting to be challenged when I came here, which became a valuable learning experience. I gained insights and self awareness from the exercises presented. I was engage thoroughly. Very enjoyable approach. I learned a lot of valuable insights. It was an enjoyable and valuable experience which was run by Deborah who is a knowledgable and professional presenter and facilitator.


Deb was very good at pushing me to achieve my potential and refused to let me give up. I found that I can achieve my goals at work now that Deb has helped me see all the positives within the negatives.


More self awareness. Knowledge & understanding within my personal and professional life. Exceeded all my expectations.


Deborah Cooper has dedicated her life to helping people and businesses unlock thier full potential.

By teaching you to identity and break down the barries that keep you from moving forward, Deborah will help you reach new levels of inspiration, creativity, and performance in pursuit of your goals.

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