The Demartini Method Facilitator Credo

The credo (philosophy) is the basic belief of Demartini Method® Facilitator. It is to be known, owned and energetically enacted by Demartini Method Facilitators.

The Motto:

We are inspired Demartini Method® Facilitators dedicated to expanding minds through wisdom and opening hearts through love.

The Three Steps of Service:

  • We greet attendees /clients and establish rapport.

  • We identify and confirm attendee’s / client’s voids or needs.

  • We care and serve through fulfilling attendee’s / client’s values.

The Promise:

Our attendees / clients are our most important resource. We honor them and dedicate our caring energies to enhancing the quality of their lives and assisting them in fulfilling their greatest aspirations. We shall fulfill this aim through providing enlightening wisdom, appreciation, love, certainty and presence.

The Commitment:

We commit:

  • To providing the most advanced principles and methodologies concerning human transformation available

  • To ever advancing our studies of human behavior

  • To ever refining our skills of delivery and teaching/facilitation

  • To presenting in the highest quality manner

  • To exceeding attendee expectations

  • To mastering emphatic vocabulary that inspires: “Certainly”; “Perfect”; “Clearly”; “Absolutely”; “I would love to”; “Great”; “Wonderful”; “Magnificent”; “I would be honored to”; “Would you love me to”; “Thank you for”…

  • To honoring attendees by using their names

  • To being conscientious of fine logistical details

  • To truly caring

For further information, you may contact Deborah on email:

Deborah Cooper has dedicated her life to helping people and businesses unlock thier full potential.

By teaching you to identity and break down the barries that keep you from moving forward, Deborah will help you reach new levels of inspiration, creativity, and performance in pursuit of your goals.

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