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  • Are you struggling to acquire clients and then retain them?

  • Are you unsure on how to ‘start’ your Demartini Method consulting business OR do you feel you have hit the brick wall & reached your limit?

  • Are you in a whirlpool of ideas and visions and don’t know where to turn?

  • Do you feel you are constantly battling ‘what’s my next step’ and feel like nothing is shifting?

  • Do you love the Demartini Method and would love to work with continual clients?

  • Are you ready to step up to ‘own’ your true potential?

If any of the above made you raise your eyebrows & put those shoulders back, then would you love a solution? If so, keep reading … If not, close this page down and continue do2 Columning what you are doing.

Dr John Demartini

For over 43 years Dr John Demartini has travelled the world, as an educator and author, developing the Demartini Method, which allows people to transform their lives and live extraordinary lives.

Testimonial – Dr John Demartini

“I have been blessed to meet Deborah Cooper who came on board and has assisted me as one of facilitators in helping me in getting the Demartini Method out to people.

For the last 7 years she has not only been assisting me in the programs, but also in the teaching of the programs and getting the Demartini Method into the hands of the people who really need it the most.

She has helped me also in Christchurch when the earthquakes came in and brought in teams to help people after the traumas to help them break through. She turned their stresses into opportunities so that they would not be weighed down and burdened anymore, but be fuelled for opportunity.  

Deborah has been basically dedicating her last 7 years to mastering the work and helping people master their lives.

Deborah’s dedication in bringing this work has been throughout the world.

If you have never had the opportunity to meet her, grab that opportunity and take advantage of her services, her skills and her knowledge in helping people make a difference in their lives and also make a difference in the world.”

Here's some info about me (Deborah Cooper):

I started my Demartini Method consulting business in 2007 in New Zealand. I had attended the Demartini Method Training Program in 2007 and had listened to Dr. Demartini say “Now go, start consulting”. I knew no other way.

But what I didn’t know was my first approach to all my friends and family were going to backfire. I didn’t know how hard it was to market something I still only knew little about. I didn’t know how much to charge. I had never run my own business previously nor did I have a large database of contacts to hit up. I pretty much, didn’t know what the heck I was in for. Basically, I went in blind and yes, I came out the other side with “eyes wide open”. However due to my “eyes wide open”, I now have a consistently successful global business and are turning clients away.

I became Certified within fourteen months of my first Demartini Method Training Program and within two months of being Certified, the Demartini Institute approached me to be part of their team and host Dr Demartini in New Zealand.

In 2009 I became the Australasian Events Coordinator for the Demartini Institute.

In 2012 I up-leveled to Senior Certified.

In 2014, I up-leveled again and my title has changed to Master Certified Demartini Method Facilitator. Yes number 6 around the Globe.

When you know where you are going, you just know – and I know where I am going!

Deborah Cooper has dedicated her life to helping people and businesses unlock thier full potential.

By teaching you to identity and break down the barries that keep you from moving forward, Deborah will help you reach new levels of inspiration, creativity, and performance in pursuit of your goals.

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