What is point of difference to other people who can “fix” you?

Firstly, let’s re-frame “fix”. Fixing implies there is quite a few screws loose that need tightening or de-rusting. As we know we all have at least a few loose and not everyone is perfect. I will say that again – NOT everyone is perfect.  

The purpose of working with Deborah and her team is to remove those mindset blocks that are holding us back. They will stretch your mindset to think bigger than you’ve ever thought before with follow through techniques to blow any fear out of your mind. They will give you on the spot action steps that are realistic & achievable. Yes, on the spot action steps.  

When you speak to a counsellor, they are bound by their laws to report any “wrong doings” to the authorities.  

When you talk with Deborah or her team, they are bound by their laws to work with you until a resolution is in place. No authorities are required to be involved.

What can the team help me with?

As above, we work on ALL your mindset blocks.  This can be ANYTHING that is running your mind.  Sometimes you don’t even know what are your blocks until we start talking to you. 

We can cover the main areas of your life; Business Service & Success, Financial Independence & Freedom, Physical Health & Wellbeing, Social Power & Leadership, Family Love & Relationships with Intimacy, Mental Understanding & Wisdom and Spiritual Immortality & Truth blockages.

We also cover Addiction, Grief Loss & Bereavement, Mentoring for Sports Professionals and Business challenges (employer or employee) - eg: Conflict Resolution.   

Consulting isn’t just about challenges – the key is to take you to a far greater level of empowerment that where you currently are.  

All perceived mindset blocks can be resolved to a centered state.

What type of clients do Deborah and her team work with?

Anyone who has a mindset block or can see a vision & unsure on how to get there.  Whether you are employed, an employer, self-employed, entrepreneur, sports professionals, taking a form of money somewhere else, the list goes on.  Deborah’s youngest client has been 3 years old and her oldest has been 94 years old (so far).  We are never too young or old to learn life techniques.  What Deborah and her team educate you on, sticks with you forever.

How does the procedure of working with Deborah or her team go?

The process begins with a complimentary 15-minute thought provoking session with Deborah. This first discussion is a casual get together for both of us to find out if we can work together. This is completed over the telephone.   To book this time – click here

Are the discussions confidential?

Absolutely. Deborah will not share with anyone that she is working with you nor what you talk about. She will not tell anyone she has had the complimentary 15-minute thought provoking session with you. When agreed to consult, there is a confidential agreement signed by both parties. You can tell people who you are working with, however be aware some people may have judgement on you seeing someone. Although people will see you change over your time with Deborah and her team, so they may want a “piece of your pie”. If you have any concerns, please address with your consultant.

What happens if I don’t like Deborah or anyone she suggests – pre consultation?

We don’t work together. Deborah can direct you onto her mentor who may have a person who is a preferred fit for you. 

What happens if Deborah doesn’t like me – pre consultation?

This happens. Personalities work or don’t work together. The bottom line is we don’t work together. Deborah can direct you onto her mentor who may have a person who is a preferred fit for you.

What steps are taken when we agree to start consulting?

An electronic agreement is sent to you for signature, once this has been signed, you will receive another electronic agreement for your approval to charge your credit card. A time is then arranged between your consultant and yourself that will be confirmed as weekly or fortnightly.  Our accounts team will call you for your credit card details and they will be loaded into a confidential file. Next, you'll verbally meet with either Deborah or one of her experienced mentors, and your sessions will begin. They'll ask you questions and get to the heart of what's been holding you back from living the life you want and deserve. You'll find these sessions incredibly insightful.

How do we talk?

Via Telephone or Video Conference. Telephone over Video is the preferred as this allows yourself to sit wherever you feel comfortable in your world. Consultations in person can be arranged, however with travelling, this can be a challenge. We can discuss further on our “pre” call.

How long do we talk for?

Depending on your agreement, weekly or fortnightly is arranged. Each consultation is 60 minutes long. During that time we will have resolved your issue so the story does not have to be repeated over and over. Once and Done as we refer.

What do you require when we talk?

A quiet comfortable space where people cannot interrupt you (room in house, office, car, outside with an amazing view etc) – do NOT drive while you are talking to us. Fully charged telephone. Headset (so your arm doesn’t get tired holding the phone up to your ear). A glass of water. Tissues are handy as we are unsure of what emotions may come up. Note taking is not necessary and we prefer you don’t so you can focus 100% on the call and what is being discussed between you both.

How often do we talk?

After the initial 15-minute thought provoking phone call, Deborah and her team will create a customized action plan and work with you to schedule your future sessions. While each person is different, we work on a 1 hour, 8, 16, 26 or 52 session timeframe. This is tailored specifically to your individual needs.  

Calls are either weekly or fortnightly, depending on your need. It is arranged for the same time each week/fortnight. This allows you to have structure in your world.

Do I get homework between consultations?

If you would like it, yes we can give you homework. However we understand you have a life outside of consulting and some people prefer to just talk when we consult. This can be discussed on the “pre” call.

How much does it cost to work with Deborah or her team?

Prices vary depending on the level of experience from your Mentor.  It is also different for the length of your agreement – the longer you work with us, the less your monthly outlay will be. 

How do I pay for your services?

The fees relating to the private consultation program are due in installments, in advance, prior to each four-hour block of the program. If you are on a fortnightly agreement, they are due in two installments, in advance, prior to each two-hour block of the program.   

We offer a significant discount if you pay for all your sessions up front.  

The method of payment is via credit card.

What currency are the payments made in?

Your payments will be charged in NZD, AUD or USA Dollars.  All events will be charged in USD.

Can I claim this through my business?

We are a business registered under the New Zealand Companies Office. Invoices can be addressed to your business. 

What happens if I don’t like Deborah or anyone she suggests – whilst we are in the consultation agreement?

Refer to the terms of engagement that has been completed by yourself. We work closely to resolve any issues as quick as they come up.

What happens if I love what we are working on, yet someone I value doesn’t?

Transparency between and yourself is incredibly valuable. If this person has a problem with you talking to us, then we address that with yourself and what emotional charges are coming up. We resolve them as quick as they come up. Don’t let the anguish sit within you.

What if I need to talk to and it isn’t my day of consultation?

Well done for seeing the wobbles that come up. Transparency is incredibly valuable when working together. Send a message directly to your consultant and they will respond back to you on a time for a quick “pick me up”.

Is Deborahs personality gentle or firm when we talk?

Deborah has been told she isn’t a hand holder but more a stiletto kicker. Don’t be alarmed as she definitely delivers a warmth to her consultations yet has a fire within her that will light you up to take action. You won’t get away with anything when trying to BS her as she uses her body language skillset to know if you are dodging the questions. Deborah does add humour to the consultations to ease your mind on some situations. Her experienced mentors have different personalities and you will be put with the preferred fit for your personality.

Deborah Cooper has dedicated her life to helping people and businesses unlock thier full potential.

By teaching you to identity and break down the barries that keep you from moving forward, Deborah will help you reach new levels of inspiration, creativity, and performance in pursuit of your goals.

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